System Development

TVET can substantially contribute to a sustainable development of both, the economy and society. The question is, of what importance are the different occupations for a sustainable development, which specific green skills do working people need in different working fields and branches and how can these skills needs appropriately be met in vocational education and training.

In the working field “system development” we provide:

  • Strategy development: Development of county and sector specific TVET strategies as a contribution for a sustainable development of economy and society;
  • Analysis: Analysis of occupation specific and cross-occupational green skills requirements as well as training needs assessments in selected occupations, occupational fields and branches;
  • Dialog & communication: Technical preparation and facilitation of conferences, protagonist meetings and working groups.

References in working field “system development” are available here.

Organizational Development

Companies as well TVET institutions are permanently required to anticipate social, economic and ecological challenges and to meet them in form of organizational development. Thereby, learning is essential, meaning learning of the entire organization as well as learning of its people. Both perspectives are closely linked with each other.

In the working field “organizational development” we provide:

  • Greening TVET institutions: Development of mission statement, strategy and strategic projects as well as school programmes;
  • Communication on environmental and sustainability issues: Development and execution of cooperative concepts on staff-oriented implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as environment or energy management system;
  • Knowledge management: Development of information and communication platforms.

References in working field “organizational development” are available here.

Process Support

Development processes in organisations as well as cross-organisational projects should be assisted by an external project support. The external project support can assist in regard to building-up social skills as well as developing project applications, assisting project execution as well as reporting and documenting.

In the working field “process support” we provide:

  • Greening TVET institutions: Development and implementation of tailor-made concepts and measures for developing TVET colleges etc towards green TVET institutions;
  • Staff-oriented “green“ management: Development and execution of tailor-made concepts and measures for staff-oriented implementation of green corporate culture (e.g. in-house campaigns);
  • Project support: Development of project drafts and project applications; management of projects and assumption of caretaker-function; preparation of project reports and documentations.

References in working field “process support” are available here.

Lectures, Trainings & Study Tours

In the context of the transformation of economy and society towards a sustainable development new technical, social, methodological and personal skills are required. Green skills are not only relevant for specialists but demanded in every branch and occupation. In order to prepare the workforce for these demands green skills have to considered on all TVET levels.

In the working field “lectures, trainings & study tours” we provide:

  • Lectures and presentations on issues of sustainability in TVET and professional life;
  • Workshops, trainings and future workshops for different target groups (e.g. teachers and instructors, executives, corporate representatives);
  • Coaching of learners in regard to developing and implementing transfer projects;
  • Study tours for national and foreign delegations on issues of collaborative, demand-oriented TVET as well as sustainability in TVET and professional life (green skills – green TVET).

References in working field “lectures, trainings & study tours”: here.

Teaching Aids & Materials

Appropriate learning programmes and environments as well as teaching aids and training materials are essential for illustrating and specifying green skills and supporting corresponding teaching and learning processes in TVET practice.

In the working field “teaching aids & materials” we develop tailor-made teaching aids and materials on sustainability in TVET and professional life, such as.

  • Learning programmes and learning environments: Development of e-learning-courses and video production as well as preparation and support of internet- based learning and communication platforms;
  • Materials: Development of teaching aids and training materials;
  • Documentations: Documentation of training programmes, events and good practices..

References in working field “teaching aids & materials” are available here.

Research, Development & Evaluation

In order to co-design the change in economy and world of work, TVET research as well as developing and evaluating TVET innovations is a big issue. This could be development of new occupations, new additional qualifications, new approaches in quality assurance or innovative forms of organisation and methods.

In the working field “research, development & evaluation” we provide:

  • Research: Providing feasibility studies and expert opinions, sector analyses and case studies;
  • Development of TVET programmes and materials as well as training and further training concepts; collection and preparation of good practices;
  • Evaluation as well as scientific accompaniment of projects, TVET programmes and measures.

References in working field “research, development & evaluation” are available here.