Sustainability Forum at the
BBS 3 Hanover

On 27 February 2020 about 30 teachers (mainly team leaders) from almost all departments of BBS 3 in the Hannover region met in the Sustainability Forum. Experiences in the consideration of sustainability aspects in teaching were presented and evaluated, and perspectives for further joint action to

intensify the integration of sustainability in teaching were agreed.
For the Sustainability Forum, the participants had prepared structured posters showing how sustainability aspects are already being taken into account in the various educational programmes. These posters were presented, discussed and evaluated on the basis of criteria of the Vocational Training Towards Sustainable Development (BBNE) during a "gallery walk".
In the concluding discussion, the participants showed great interest in continuing to work on the topic. To this end, the ZeBuG team was asked to set up a platform on the school server, where the posters and other learning situations, materials and media would be made available to teachers and rooms for online discussions on BBNE-relevant topics would be made available.
The event format has proven itself. The next event in the Sustainability Forum is planned for the next school year.
The event was prepared and conducted by the ZeBuG team with the support of Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mertineit. It followed on from an in-school teacher training course held in May 2019 in which the Centre for Efficient Construction and Building Services Engineering of BBS 3 (ZeBuG) and a proposal for an inter-occupational introductory module on sustainability were presented.
The format "Forum Sustainability" bundles the internal school exchange on all teaching aspects of BBNE. It is an expression of the commitment to sustainable development anchored in the school's mission statement and a major milestone in ensuring that every pupil has dealt with the topic of sustainability in the lessons at BBS 3.
(Photo: Klaus-Dieter Mertineit)