Sustainability as a joint learning process

An interview with Dr Klaus-Dieter Mertineit entitled "Sustainable development is a joint learning process" was published in November 2019 in a special issue of the magazine ventuno on vocational education and training. In it he emphasised that Education for Sustainable Development in Vocational 

Education and Training (ESD in VET) should be very closely linked to the respective vocational competences. "In all activities, one should consider what potential they have with regard to sustainable development. This makes ESD an integral part of vocational training from something additional that should also be done. Thus ESD can also be integrated where it is not anchored in regulations, curricula and examinations". In the further course of the interview, examples of sustainable occupational behaviour in the commercial sector and the necessary company framework conditions are be named. Other topics addressed include ESD in VET success factors, Dr Mertineit’s specific consulting approach and an assessment of the current situation regarding ESD in VET in Germany.
ventuno is a practical magazine for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It appears three times a year and is published by èducation 21, the national competence and service centre for education for sustainable development in Switzerland. With a circulation of between 2000 and 4000 copies, the special edition on VET is aimed at those involved in vocational education and training in Switzerland (school administrators, teachers, vocational trainers and those responsible for vocational education and training in companies, cantonal vocational education and training officers, interested parties from organisations in the world of work, etc.).
The interview and the entire special edition (in German language) are available here.